Valerie Charles

Valerie Charles

PhD Candidate, CPC | Lever - Transfer of Learning Associate

In addition to her work with Lever – Transfer of Learning, Valerie has a coaching practice where she works with diverse professionals from a wide range of professions such as engineering, counseling, financial advising, education, and the medical field, etc. on business and personal related topics.

Valerie is also an educator, holding a Master in Teaching degree from Washington State University and teaching college level courses in team dynamics, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution and marketing. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Communication from Arizona State University. She will complete her doctorate in Organizational Psychology from Walden University in late 2015 – her doctoral research investigates the relationship between emotional intelligence and performance among executive coaches.

Valerie is trained also trained in mediation, anger management, and core communication.

She lives in SW Washington and loves the outdoors…hiking, biking, kayaking…and also enjoys painting and photography.


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