How we are turning learning into action at Naspers

Emma Weber

We live, eat and breathe learning transfer.

We’re committed to raising the standard of learning transfer worldwide and as a result supporting learning to become a key contributor in sustainable business growth.

One side effect of this unhealthy obsession with transfer is that we can be a tad too close to it – so I’ve decided to do a series of snippets in which we are going to be chatting to our clients about what it’s meant for them to be involved with Lever, focusing on learning transfer.

If you’re in the learning and development space and toying with the idea of transfer, I thought it could be a useful tool to give you some insight and perspective into other L&D professionals who have really embraced the transfer of learning and the results they are seeing at their organisations.

So welcome to the first in this series – a short video with the wonderful Laureen Rwatirera, Global Head: MyAcademy Learning at Naspers. Laureen has been rolling out Turning Learning into Action™ sessions across the Emerging Leaders programs at Naspers, and it was great to hear about the results she has been observing.


“It has really enabled our leaders to take what they’ve learnt… and really put it into practice… so that they’re able to improve their own leadership impact and also start to impact the business, so it’s been phenomenal”

– Laureen Rwatirera, Naspers


I hope that is has been useful for you to get some insight into how Turning Learning into Action™ can support learning leaders to really create business impact from their initiatives, and I look forward to sharing more with you in this series of interviews with our clients.