Measuring Training ROI

An Easy Method to Showcase Training Results

Emma Weber


It is crucial that learning initiatives and training programs are creating a return on investment.

So how can we create this return? And how do we measure it?

Jack and Patti Phillips are thought leaders in this area and much of my thinking has been shaped by their work at the ROI Institute. For evaluation to be really effective, we must start with the end in mind. We need to decide what the course objectives are at the very start, before the program has even been designed, and then evaluate the outcomes in relation to those objectives. If the objective is to finish on time and collect some ‘happy sheets’ about what participants intend to do then it is very easy to fudge success. Reaction evaluation is not enough.

The absolute minimum objective and evaluation that needs to happen after learning is application back in the work place or behavioural change.

Using an effective transfer of learning tool such as Turning Learning into Action™ (TLA), you can facilitate this application of learning to the workplace using supportive techniques to hold participants accountable for their own change. TLA is delivered through one-on-one conversations with participants, at various intervals after a learning initiative.

Learning transfer generates a return on investment and then by following these 3 simple steps you can showcase your brilliant results.

1)  Once a participant has completed their learning transfer journey, collect self-rated progress review data.

2) Collate program data into an impact dashboard

3) Share dashboard wins with client, CEO or Managers.

 Using the right questions on your progress review forms you can collect data that will enable stakeholders to assess reaction and learning evaluations as well as application and first-stage impact evaluation.

Some effective questions that we use with clients are as follows: (Answers thanks to a delighted participant from Eastern Europe)

progress review 2


Simply using a series of questions like these you can start to create a wealth of data from a group of participants. You can then use this data to create an Impact Dashboard, which gives you a tangible illustration that what you have authorised and paid for has actually worked!

Another alternative to delve deeper is to collect data such as sales pre training, post training and post learning transfer and then create a case study like this to showcase your amazing results.

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Emma Weber

Emma Weber is a recognized authority on the transfer of learning. As CEO of Lever – Transfer of Learning, she has helped companies such as Telstra, Oracle and BMW deliver and measure tangible business results from learning. Emma has also been a guest speaker at learning effectiveness conferences worldwide and authored the hugely successful book Turning Learning into Action