News from LearnX 2017 and neighbourhood wins!

Emma Weber

It was a great day by all accounts yesterday at the LearnX Live Summit.

My top 3 takeaways were:

  1. I just love how LearnX celebrates what organisations are achieving in learning. And I was amazed at the generosity of everyone who spoke in the level of detail they shared with us all attending. Some fascinating speakers – check out the full line up from yesterday here.
  2. Matt Johnson the Global MD of Kineo was the opening keynote and spoke about business culture. He talked about how we must be the gateway not the gatekeepers of learning – love it!
  3. It was great to hear that 2 out of the 4 top award winners had follow up phone calls as part of their learning solution. Not sure whether these were aimed specifically at tackling learning transfer, but still my ears pricked up. It’s great to see the phone being used as a learning tool.

In the industry we all know that reward and recognition is great for moral, and I really value events like the LearnX awards show for the industry here in Australia. It was great to see one of my (almost) office neighbours winning big with the LearnX Platinum award for the best eLearning game! Congrats to Richard, the team at Openlearn and City of Sydney for their achievement.

Their eLearning game was created for City of Sydney to help educate their office based staff on new and changing responsibilities with information moving to external and cloud solutions.

The game was designed to engage the learners and lighten up the subject and involved building a park in a fictional city. Managers reported back that it was fun, educational and challenged long-held assumptions and information practices. It even became “watercooler talk” with employees discussing about who had built the best park and how much they enjoyed it. Check out the full case study from Openlearn here.

What great innovation from the Openlearn team. Congrats also to all the other winners from LearnX Live in Sydney this week – I can’t fail to give Learning Plan a shout out – who amassed an incredible 10 Awards from LearnX! You can see their press release here.

Emma Weber

Emma Weber is a recognized authority on the transfer of learning. As CEO of Lever – Transfer of Learning, she has helped companies such as Telstra, Oracle and BMW deliver and measure tangible business results from learning. Emma has also been a guest speaker at learning effectiveness conferences worldwide and authored the hugely successful book Turning Learning into Action. Much more detail around the issues and solutions examined in this article are available in the book – please feel free to download a free chapter.