Organisational Development

Organisational development is generally viewed as the changing of people and organisations for positive growth. This falls hand in hand with the values and vision that we pride ourselves on here at Lever – Transfer of Learning.

Choosing to invest in organisational development can result in valuable outcomes for the business. However, all too often organisations invest heavily in organisational development interventions that fail to deliver sustainable outcomes.

In particular, if organisations are investing in a training or learning initiative as part of an organisational development intervention then they are missing a trick if they aren’t considering the transfer of learning.


Creating Positive Growth

80% of what people learn in training programs is not transferred back to the workplace and therefore will not create positive growth within organisations. This is where the organisational development services from Lever – Transfer of Learning can help.

Most training programs are only 20% effective.

This statistic can be transformed with our proven learning transfer methodology Turning Learning into Action™ (TLA).

TLA ensures that money invested into learning focused organisational development initiatives is not wasted and creates sustainable performance improvement and behavioural change from the top level right through to the bottom line in organisations all over the world.  Read more about TLA.

Learning Transfer is the missing link in learning and through offering services and solutions in this field, it is our vision it to make a positive contribution to organisations that value learning so that we are able to contribute globally to the lives of many.

Are you ready to invest in an organisational development intervention that will really make a difference?

“I’m always impressed by the quality and professionalism of the Lever – Transfer of Learning team. Its a joy to work with such innovative and flexible people who are truly passionate about making an impact for their clients. I have no hesitation in recommending them to even the toughest of clients”

Claire Hatton

CEO and Founder, Full Potential Labs

“Usually it is hard to bridge training content into real life. This is now covered”


Turning Learning into Action Program

“By working with a [TLA Specialist], I could continuously look back on what I learnt from the training and utilize the tools that I learnt to the objectives that we set. If [TLA] sessions were not conducted I doubt I would have been working on the objectives as well as I have been”


Turning Learning into Action Program




Our work is guaranteed to the complete satisfaction of the client. If the client is not completely satisfied with our services, we will, at the client’s option, either waive professional fees, or accept a portion of those fees that reflects the client’s level of satisfaction.


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