How to Measure the ROI from Training Programs

One must calculate the ROI from a training program to effectively measure its effectiveness. A high ROI means the investment outcomes compare favourably to the investment cost. Proving that your training programme is cost justified is imperative to successful learning and development. Put simply:

It is essential in today’s business environment to create an ROI from your training initiatives.

At Lever – Transfer of Learning we firmly believe that training is increasingly becoming less about the learning and more about real behavioural change and bottom-line business impact from the learning.

The ‘ROI Institute’ surveyed CEOs from several Fortune 500 companies and found that just 8% of respondents said that their business currently measures training impact and yet 96% said it was their number one priority.

Turning Learning into Action™ (TLA) is a proven learning transfer methodology that truly solves the problem of training that is delivered but doesn’t create change, and provides a great training return on investment.

Without it most training dollars are wasted – and that’s an ROI which would not attract even the most reckless of investors!

Do you need access to useful and pertinent information about the effectiveness of training programs?
Do you want to be able to make better use of your training budget and get the results you crave?

With the focus on creating training ROI, companies now recognise that they need to not only measure behavioural change, they need to ensure that behavioural change happens.

Turning Learning into Action™ (TLA) uses an Impact Dashboard to document program evaluation. With the Impact Dashboard, stakeholders are able to assess reaction and learning evaluations as well as application and first stage impact evaluation, with the option of going all the way to ROI.

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Understanding how to measure training ROI gives decision makers and interested parties an accurate indication of outcomes and allows them to evaluate change or application and business impact. It can also be used as a tool for identifying where case studies and success stories can be captured.

Take a look at our case study to see how we doubled the sales uplift of a premium automotive organisation post training with Turning Learning into Action™.

“I have no hesitation in recommending [Lever’s] services to others. They are professional, reliable and flexible and, above all, their work really gives a measurable boost to the effectiveness of training.”

Kym Marker-Ok

Senior HR Manager, Apple Australia

“[TLA] provided me with the opportunity to focus on the things that I wanted to achieve. My coach asked probing questions that made me think outside the box and make progress towards achieving the goals I set.”


Turning Learning into Action Program

“The [TLA] sessions were a valuable tool to retain the workshop learnings. I also found it helped me to focus on specific, practical steps toward meeting my goals.”


Turning Learning into Action Program




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