Bridging the Gap Between Training and Business Results

Through our unique and proven methodology we ensure that what people learn on training programs is transferred into real business results.

Real Behavioural Change and Business Outcomes

Lever – Transfer of Learning supports employees to transfer their learning and achieve sustainable personal and business outcomes after training.

What is Transfer
of learning

Transfer of Learning is ensuring what people learn on training programs is transferred into real business results.

Learn how transfer of learning enables individuals to transfer new skills and knowledge from a learning environment into their habitual behaviours at work. Effective learning transfer is essential for maximising learning outcomes.

It’s a proven way to make sure participants take what they learn in training back to their day-to-day job.

Why does it matter?

The business impact of learning transfer can be huge,
and can include:

  • Increased bottom line sales
  • Improvement in leadership capability
  • Improved regularity in one-on-one meetings
  • Improvement in communication with employee

Here’s why learning transfer is so important. In short, learning transfer can be defined as the sustained behavioural change that happens after learning, turning a cost into an investment.

The key aim of training in organisations is to create tangible business benefits – but only 20% of learning is actually transferred back to the workplace.

Traditionally making training stick referred to the level at which people could remember the learning they had gained in a training room. Trainers were taught tools and techniques that made the learning sticky and more effective in the classroom, but rarely did they tackle what would enable the training to be effectively implemented outside of the classroom.

How to ensure employees use
what they learn in training
back in the workplace

The three core elements to success are:

  • Learning specific action planning
  • Structured reflective practices
  • Accountability framework

A single element on its own won’t create the outcomes, but combined together a significant level of change can be achieved.

Two crucial components

Good instructional design and a proven transfer of learning methodology are crucial in liberating the benefit that training has promised for so long but continually failed to deliver.

Only when the two components start to work together will businesses finally experience the benefits they were seeking that prompted the training in the first place.

Organisations don’t need to start from scratch or find new training suppliers; they just need to shift their perspective to include a transfer of learning methodology. Do that and the training ROI would be of interest to even the most cautious of investors.

Lever – Transfer of Learning’s
unique methodology


Lever – Transfer of Learning has an original, hand crafted transfer of learning
methodology that complements your training. It is currently being
delivered by learning transfer specialists worldwide in 11 different languages.

There are three essential steps to the process:

  • Preparation – an action plan is developed at the end of training.
  • Action – a 5-step process designed to hold individuals accountable
    to follow through on the action plan.
  • Evaluation – changed behaviours are observed, evaluated and
    collated by individuals and/or their managers.


Transfer of Learning’s guarantee

Our work is guaranteed to the complete satisfaction of the client. If the client is not completely satisfied with our learning transfer services, we will, at the client’s option, either waive professional fees, or accept a portion of those fees that reflects the client’s level of satisfaction.

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