Sogut Zengingonul – Turkey

Sogut Zengingonul – Turkey

Lever - Transfer of Learning Associate

Sogut has worked in different multinational organizations like World Bank and NCR, being in project teams and leading sales teams. During her professional career, she acted as a strategist for planning through company vision, creating potentials, developing the team through their strengths and realising profit targets.

Sogut transferred these skills into the area of consultancy and training by designing and delivering tailor made projects on effective leadership, sales management, best customer service and negotiation, until 2000, during which she developed her skills through some extensive certification programs from all over the world including USA, UK, Switzerland- Laughter Yoga, South Africa.

From 2000 on, she is committed to supporting corporate and individual clients exploring their own potentials in order them to feel fulfilled and achieve their professional goals. She is focused on growth and behavioral change in effective relationships through creating awareness and joy.

Sogut has an accreditation from Middlesex i-coach academy – FoundationSA joint program and ICF accredited Euroasian Gestalt Programme on coaching and holds a BA degree from the METU (Middle East Technical University).


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