Kristina Revenda

Kristina Revenda

BA (Hons) | Lever - Transfer of Learning Associate

Kristina brings a unique mix of international business, creative agency and people management experience to the Lever team with a positive, energetic coaching style.

Kristina holds a BA (Hons) in Design & Media Management. Before embarking on a career in coaching through the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL), she enjoyed a successful international career in branding and advertising living and working across Europe, The Americas, Asia and Australia. The experience made her highly adept at managing transitions while cultivating a deep-rooted cultural awareness and sensitivity when it comes to operating across different cultures.

As a coach and facilitator, Kristina is a keen advocate for self-care as a basis for sustainable performance with focus on supporting business owners and executives caught in a vicious cycle of stress, chronic exhaustion and distraction maximise their potential by leading more focused and attuned lives.


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