Rosângela Barcellos – Brazil

Rosângela Barcellos – Brazil

PCC | Lever - Transfer of Learning Associate

Rosângela join us with over 2,700 hours of coaching experience. As a Coach Executive and Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF) she has coached national and international leaders from different levels of the corporate world such as CEOs, managers, coordinators, supervisors, coaches and HR. Rosângela’s talents include challenging global leaders to develop their ability to lead people, organizations and themselves.

Rosângela’s coaching expertise draws from a Bachelors degree in Psychology, experience as a Process Consultant in Human Development (21 years), alongside organisational experience in the development of leaders and facilitation of Interpersonal Development Programs. She has worked in development with a focus on managing people, groups and group processes in small, medium and large businesses since 1995.

Rosângela is a Professor at the Dom Cabral Foundation, a school of Brazilian business with standard and international performance development and training of executives, businessmen and public officials.

Over the last 15 years, she has delivered leadership programs in a large number of companies, becoming recognised for her quality facilitation, challenging managers to think about purpose and changing beliefs, helping them to finding meaning in the global practice of leadership.

Rosângela specialises in Human Resource development for quality, Educational Psychology and Ramain-Thiers Psychomotricity. As a founding member of Chapter-International Coach Federation,becoming President in the past, Rosângela is a valued asset to the team as she begins to turn learning into action in South America.


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